Joining EM2S 38 is working for a growing company linked to a strong group.

Our founding principles:

Our company works in an advanced sector, possesses the necessary means for its development and offer attractive working conditions.

Our values:

  • Expertize
  • Service quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Proximity

Our expectations:

Motivated, dynamic, ambitious people with sense of responsibility and commitment.

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As we continue to grow, we are seeking superweight trucks driver with validated experience in the transportation of hazardous material. We are looking for drivers who already worked in nuclear transportation and already did the necessary training for the position (basic ADR certification + Class 7 cleared + tank certification). We will also pay attention to drivers with significant experience in hazardous material transportation. Our business mainly takes place in France, but you will be driving in all Europe.


Under the authority of the operation manager, your various missions will be:

  • Ensure the proper loading and unloading, and even participate (stowage, load distribution, etc.)
  • Fill the administrative documents (Waste monitoring form / Shipper’s declaration of dangerous goods / Consignment note / Custom formalities if required)
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the truck and its cleanliness (interior and exterior wash), and the proper functioning the available equipments
  • Report any vehicle malfunction or compliance issue
  • Exceptional transportation / crane, etc.


Required skills:

  • Knowledge of the safety regulations and traffic regulations
  • Use of a vehicle with maximum energy saving
  • Use of on-board electronic devices: satellite tracking, GPS, embedded computing, etc.
  • Time management and compliance with itineraries and schedules
  • CSR application in all circumstances, compliance with hazardous material / radioactive material transportation regulations


The superweight trucks driver has a good attention span and a great reactivity. Independent, s(he) has the sense of responsibility, initiative and relationship skills. Finally, (s)he doesn’t fear poor road conditions and to often be away from home.

We are searching an operating profile as quickly as possible.


Statute: Long haul superweight truck driver, 150 M / 200 H

Wages + attractives working conditions (including very recent equipment) + bonuses

Employee savings plan (PEE)/ Collective retirement savings plan (PERCO)



Permanent contract

Under the authority of the maintenance officer, your various missions will be:


  • Sanding work
  • Painting work (spray gun and paint roller)
  • Different maintenance works related to our business
  • Welding work (a plus)
  • Sheet metalwork (steel cutting, grinding, etc.)
  • Blocking tools, stowage and equipments assembly


Required skills:

  • Use of portable tools and material safely
  • Organization
  • Outdoor or workshop work
  • Instruction compliance


The container operator works independently, is attentive and thorough.


(S)he is manual and can face every situations.


Trainings are provided internally.


Permanent contract, available immediately


Statute: Employee

Tickets Restaurants + Savings plan + bonuses



EM2S 38 core business is radioactive material transportation using our own means and long-distance transportation by air and sea. We also offer specific tools and lockings to our clients with our engineering office.

You will be joining a human-size company that benefits from good human and commercial relations.

HR contact: Amélie GUÉRIN >